RSBI Keeps Growing after the Lockdown Is Cancelled

RSBI keeps growing and reaches 45 points in June

According to the research, for the first time during three months the share of companies that have cut their FTEs almost halves, and the number of companies planning redundancies reduces by almost three times. Such dynamics is reached mainly due to the lockdown mitigation and business support measures, as a result many businessmen managed to get back to their regular business activities. It also impacted the plans of businesses to increase their investments: in the nearest three months 25% of the respondents are planning to increase investments into their businesses.

Key trends

Sales for a month has grown up to 34.6 points (from 28.2 points in May)

In spite of actual figures decrease, the businessmen’s forecasts and prospects for the nearest three months has become much more optimistic. Those factors helped Sales to grow significantly.

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HR in June demonstrated its maximum growth — 7.6 points, making 48.6 points even higher than the pre-lockdown figures in February (48.4).


For the first time during the last three months the share of companies that have cut their FTEs almost halves: from 37% in May up to18% in June. However the share of those, who were planning to raise their FTE numbers, decreased a little — 14% vs. 18% in May. This reduction looks logical, it proves, that after the lockdown has been cancelled, the majority of companies totally restore their FTE number. Also the number of companies that are planning to cut their FTEs reduced significantly — from 21% in May up to 8% in June.

Investments in June are maximally close to positive figures and make 49.3 points.

In June the reduction of the share of companies that have expanded their business/manufacture for the last three months is slowing down, making only 3 points: from 13 % in May to 10% in June. At the same time the number of those, who have cut their business/manufacture, also decreases — from 34% in May to 28% in June; also the share of the respondents, whose businesses have not suffered any changes, is higher — 61% (53% in May).

The same situation is with plans for the future — the share of those, who are planning their business reduction, decreased from 20% to 10%. The number of businessmen planning business/manufacture expansion increased up to 25% (vs. 23% in May) as well as those, who are not planning to change anything — 66% (vs. 58% in May).

Financing availability is the only block that demonstrated decrease in June — from 55.3 points in May to 50.3 points in June — however it keeps being in the positive zone.


RSBI — starting with 2020 a monthly research of SMB business attitudes is organized by PSB jointly with OPORA Russia and MAGRAM Market Research. The June measurement covered owners and executives of 1,637 small and medium companies across all Russian regions. Index higher than 50.0 p.p. indicates the growth of business activity, lower than 50.0 p.p. – the decrease. If the index is at the level of 50.0 p.p. – the market demonstrates stagnation.