MAGRAM Market Research Presented FDO Market Research and Rating

MAGRAM Market Research independent research agency studied the market of fiscal data operators and analyzed the key market players based on the parameters, the most demanded by the end users.

PDF presentation: FDO Market Research and Rating

In 2021 the final implementation stage of № 54-FZ «About use of the control & cash equipment» was closed in Russia. That means that all entrepreneurs including individual entrepreneurs without employees are obliged to use the new generation of control & cash equipment, which transfer the info about sales operations via a fiscal data operator (FDO) to the Federal Tax Service. 

In 2018, two years after the start of implementation of the new Federal Law, MAGRAM MR studied the attitudes of the Russian businesses to the 2016 Control & Cash reform and the difficulties they faced. 

Since 2017, retailers' demands to fiscal data operators have changed significantly. While previously the key focus has been on the receipts’ transfer and storage reliability today almost every company is interested in a complex of extra services, i. e. easy connection to the FDO services, easy service management, technical support, statistics and analytics of legal entity’s cash operations, as well as other extra functionality, useful for the businesses. 

As of February 2021, about 3.4 mln online cash desks are registered in FTS of Russia— they all shall send their fiscal data to the authority. Today the list of companies that are allowed to process fiscal data includes 21 FDOs. According to the research participants, independent experts and open sources data, 94.3% of the market are covered by nine FDOs, with the market share over 3%.

According to the research, Platforma FDO, Takskom FDO and OFD.RU have been the leaders in the market volume for the last 3 years. 

[1] The calculation of the market share for each FDO was made according to the percentage of the cash desks serviced by a specific rating member among all cash desks registered in the Federal Tax Service. 

Each company and individual entrepreneur involved in retail or using online payments has already faced the problem of choosing FDO or will face the problem in the nearest future. The core of this research was an independent expertise of the major market players, fiscal data operators according to the criteria that are especially relevant to the users. The assessment was based on 53 parameters, describing the basic FDO services – fiscal data transfer, as well as the availability and quality of extra options, solutions and services, useful for FDO clients (offline and online retailers). The criteria were formulated by the results of in-depth interviews with offline retailers – users of fiscal data transfer services. The experts were the representatives of the companies providing online control & cash equipment installation and servicing. Those companies are called TSC (Technical Service Centers). They often serve as a link between retailers and fiscal data operators.  

By the results of the complex analysis of all parameters, we can mention OFD.RU, Takskom FDO and SBIS (Tensor), which provide the fullest list of relevant services to their clients.

Depending on the end user business size, different retailers’ requests were identified. For the major retailers the following services are important: an option to set different access levels for different groups of Personal Account's users; an option of package registration of numerous cash desks via Personal Account; easiness of functionality to control a big number of cash desks; API for integration of FDO service with info systems of the client and etc. According to the experts, the biggest advantages in this position are obtained by To a bit less extent those options are presented in Takskom FDO and SKB Kontur. Astral FDO, Evotor FDO (Platforma) and SBIS (Tensor) were mentioned least of all.

For small and medium retailers the following options are important: an option to register cash desks via Personal Account, flexible pricing policy, transfer of marking codes from the receipts etc. The leader in those servicers is – it is mentioned by 100% of the surveyed experts. Takskom FDO and Evotor FDO (Platforma) follow it. SKB Kontur and SBIS (Tensor) provide such options to a less extent. 

Besides, according to the experts, the services for online payments fiscalization are relevant to the retailers. Under the conditions resulted from the pandemics, the retailers that have never planned e-commerce before, today need fast solutions of online payments fiscalization. This service is relevant in case of products delivery organized by PoS, new online store opening or in case of sales via social networks and mobile applications.

That is why the service of online payments fiscalization is included into the list of the key retail requests together with marking codes solutions and electronic file management. For retailers the availability of such services become relevant criteria in making a choice.

The only rating participant, offering a complex service of cloud fiscalization, including renting of cloud cash desks, made by its daughter company, is PETER-SERVICE Special Technologies ( The complex service of cloud fiscalization was mentioned by the experts for its easy management via a unified Personal Account as well as for its uninterrupted operations and synchronization of data, going through cash desks and FDO. The experts also mentioned that this service helps to exclude the transactions loss and duplicated receipts. 

Summing it up, for 4.5 years from the moment of 54-FZ coming to effect, fiscal data operators significantly expanded their functionality and provide to small, medium and large business the access to analytical tools, electronic file management integration and solutions to work with cloud cash desks and marking system support services. The highly detailed criteria in MAGRAM Market Research’s study will help the executives in choosing FDOs.