Coffee to Go: 72% of Russians Buy It on a Regular Basis

Russians enjoy more and more coffee to go

For a year and a half the number of those, who prefer buying coffee to go has increased significantly: today 72% of Russians regularly buy a cup of coffee on their way to work or study (in October 2017 - 57%). Coffee to go is the most popular with the active part of the population in the age of 25-44 y. o. – their share makes 53% of the respondents.

31% of the respondents buy a refreshing beverage every day, while 30% — 2–3 times a week and 39% - depending «on the mood», but no less than three times a month.

The same as a year and a half ago the majority of coffee fans buy it in chain coffee shops — 66% (60% in 2017). Five most popular chains have not changed:

Coffee 2017-2019.jpg

The number of those, who buy coffee in nameless booths has grown insignificantly: fr om 22% in 2017 up to 27% in 2019. Another 7% buy coffee in non-chain cafes, gas stations, stores, supermarkets and vending machines.

When Russians choose wh ere to buy coffee, the most important factors are as follows: taste (47%), PoS location (21%) and price (11%). It is not surprising, since a cup of coffee to go is rather a spontaneous purchase than a planned one. Also the share of those, for whom price is a crucial factor has decreased a bit since 2017 (15%).

However the share of those, for whom a broad product range is important, increased from 6% to 10%. Friends’ and family’s recommendations almost never impact the choice of PoS — this factor was mentioned by 4% only.

As for taste preferences, Russians love Cappuccino most of all – it is chosen by almost half of all respondents (43%). It is followed with a huge gap by Latte (26%), Americano (23%) and Raf (5%). 3% of the respondents prefer other kinds of coffee.

Coffe types.jpg

The research was conducted in May 2019 in all federal districts of Russia. The survey covered 8,620 respondents 18+.