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What We Are

MAGRAM MARKET RESEARCH is a research company operating in the Russian market since 1997. MAGRAM MR delivers market research, including high complexity projects, based on the clients needs and specifications.
Corporate Member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research)

Member of OIROM (Russian Association of Market and Public Opinion Research)
Certified according to international management standards by the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20252:2012.
Our resource capacity allows us to simultaneously carry out up to 50 projects.
The companys geographical scope covers the Russian Federation, the FSU and the Baltic countries. This gives our research more diversity and allows us to carry out our foreign partners projects in Russia more efficiently. MAGRAM MR also conducts seminars at reputable higher education institutes in Moscow where students get to find out about the experience of our specialists and learn how to implement their strategies.
Our 20-year experience includes thousands of polls, mall-intercepts, focus groups, and pervasive interviews as well as other forms of research. Our clients include not only private enterprises but also the biggest companies in Russia as well as corporations featured on the Fortune Global 500.
We specialize in custom-made research of any kind, including ad hoc methodology, established in accordance with the individual clients objectives. Unlike panel research, ad hoc projects are focused solely around the clients goals and depend on specialized methods as well as a combination of standard research practices. This approach increases efficiency and allows us to gather additional information quickly.
One of our primary objectives is growth, which is why we constantly enhance and expand our products and services. Having accumulated vast experience and information, we managed to establish the following areas of focus: Auto (auto industry), Medicus (pharmaceutical market), Finance & Insurance (banking and insurance) and Media & Advertology (mass media and advertising) among other sectors.
We created our own knowledge center, which is based on the accumulation of information. This system helps us understand the clients goals because it takes market development and competition into account, allowing us to present the best option available, not only from a conceptual point of view but from a financial aspect as well.
Development is very important to us not only when it comes to our products and services but our MAGRAM MR team as well. We are proud of our team members; we appreciate professionalism and encourage individuality. We help them fulfill their goals and acquire new knowledge through in-house training sessions and educational programs.
While discussing a future research project with a client we always address their business goals and offer solutions based on their needs. If that particular solution requires the application of other methods, we are the first to tell them. Thats because its important for us to know that our work is useful and necessary. Thats why we dont conduct research for the sake of research. We seek information that is essential when making business decisions.
Our office is located in the center of Moscow and we are proud that our company has the most advanced focus-laboratories as well as other essential equipment to conduct our market research.

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